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Mar 10, 09 9:35 AM
Ripples in the pond...
Mar 2, 09 5:19 PM
Instance - Gear
Feb 26, 09 8:20 PM
Instance Runs are set up!
Jan 24, 09 9:14 PM
Sep 17, 08 7:11 PM
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 the Dark Circle

Changes are currently being made to the Dark Circle leadership.  If you wish to inquire more about us, look up a guild member in the game and ask away!
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Perseaphone, Mar 10, 09 9:35 AM.
Thank you to Hacan & Lardis for sending me in-game mails letting me know when ya'll can run. I'm hoping others will follow your lead & help me out here, cuz my crystal ball is broken so I really can't tell what they need. Remember everyone! In game mail me and make it easier to set up large raids. Thanks!

Ripples in the pond...

Syre_love, Mar 2, 09 5:19 PM.
There have been some changes made recently in the rank structure as well as some additions (and subtractions) from the guild leadership.  For those players in Dark Circle that wish to see what these new rank structures mean, just look for it over on the left.

As usual, that page is a work in progress, as I have yet to hash out and finalize the rules & guidelines with the rest of the guild leadership.  Look for it soon.


Instance - Gear

Perseaphone, Feb 26, 09 8:20 PM.
KK Guys & Gals, I've been really patient in trying to work with everyone on getting a schedule set up. PLEASE PLEASE let me know here, via in-game email, smoke signals, whatever it takes so that we can get organized on what peeps need for runs etc. I may be clairvoyant but since I don't get paid here to do it....ya'll need to speak up! I want to see everyone getting geared, attuned, keyed, etc...SO LET'S WORK AS A GUILD=TEAM TO GET THIS DONE!!

Instance Runs are set up!

Perseaphone, Jan 24, 09 9:14 PM.
Look at the ingame calendar everyone! There are suggested instance runs for rep & achievements. We want your input so speak up loud & clear! Let's run instances, events, etc as a guild instead of pugging it!

Perseaphone, Sep 17, 08 7:11 PM.
I'm keeping an eye on the calendar & messages for sign ups & comments about runs. So if you want to be heard & see changes made speak up!
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